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12.5.2016 9:00

Yes, We CAN for Africa

We CAN for Africa campaign was a success.

8.4.2016 10:00

Around the world on a plate - You never "finnish" to meet new friends...

Life as an exchange student is full of surprises, discoveries and new opportunities. The following story is about International Dinner Party written by Terézia Mináková and Chris Dernoncourt.

17.2.2016 16:00

Defining Creative Steps 2.0 with co-design method

Creative Steps 2.0 (CS) concept matches emerging creative talent with existing businesses.

21.12.2015 9:00

Lapland UAS and European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN sign cooperation agreement

With the agreement signed now, the engineer training at Lapland UAS gets a key partner, making possible entirely new type of cooperation and projects.

15.12.2015 7:00

Colourful Arctic Cultural Evening with a dozen nationalities

Every year in December students and staff members in Tornio unit come together to celebrate the Arctic Cultural Evening. This year Rovaniemi students were involved as well.

17.11.2015 8:00

Mines and socio-economic changes

The increasing mining industry in Northern Finland and the Barents region pulled up questions about the well-being of workers, the possibilities of welfare promotion as well as the reshaping the mine area’s living conditions.

9.11.2015 9:00

Simulations have become a part of studies and continuing education in health care

The amount of simulation teaching has increased in the field of health care, and several simulation centres have been opened in Finland. This has highlighted the need to harmonise simulation training practices and make simulation teaching visible in other ways as well.

29.10.2015 15:00

Students wish to give back

Give Back To Finland is a spontaneous project by international degree programme students in Lapland UAS

28.9.2015 11:00

Students take action to break the ice with asylum seekers

Breaking the ice project had a successful start in Rovaniemi.

27.8.2015 9:00

Semester start feels like homecoming

Semester is starting in Lapland UAS and our international students return. Anton Sokolov is one of them.

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