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6.9.2023 9:00

Venture out!

The joint Startup Service of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and University of Lapland offers assistance to students and staff who are thinking about starting a company.

It specifically supports startup-style entrepreneurship, where a new type of product or service is developed, and growth is pursued. However, you can get help with all kinds of entrepreneurship related questions from Paula Kassinen at the LUC Startup Service.

Dismantling entrepreneurship stereotypes

Entrepreneurship comes with its fair share of stereotypes. Let's debunk a few of them:

Entrepreneurs must be young, self-assured, and extroverted individuals who make quick, high-risk decisions. > Entrepreneurs come in all personality types, and many accumulate valuable experience in the workforce before venturing into business. While risk-taking is inherent in entrepreneurship, it is equally crucial to engage in thoughtful deliberation, explore various options, and conduct thorough testing.

Startups evolve seamlessly from a single individual's idea to global conglomerates. > In reality, building a business can take years, involve various pivots, and require learning from failures. While good ideas can originate from an individual, turning them into practical applications often necessitates input from others.

Startups are exclusively in the technology sector. > Startups have been founded across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, fashion, food, and more.

If a startup doesn't become a world-class company, it's a total failure. > While growth is a fundamental aspect of the startup ethos, entrepreneurs have the liberty to define their own business objectives. It's entirely acceptable to pursue a venture that offers personal fulfillment and provides a satisfactory livelihood, without aspiring to global dominance.

Reach out to the Startup Service

Perhaps you have an idea that originated from your studies or work, and you're considering turning it into a business venture? Maybe you don't have a well-defined idea yet, but are curious about entrepreneurship?

Don't hesitate to reach out to Paula. You can contact her by phone at 040 4844 233, or you can send her an email at paula.kassinen(at)ulapland.fi.

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