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27.3.2017 11:30

VALAKIAT – event Mini-Innomaraton

VALAKIAT 2016 – event took place in Elämystehdas Lappari on the 10th of November.

This event was organized by Kokeileva Suomi - organization as well as by Lapin AMK. There were 7 teams which presented their innovative and creative ideas regarding future development of Kemi-Tornio airport. In other words, the key question of the event was “How to develop the airport of Kemi-Tornio as well as Rovaniemi airport to be the most successful and attractive airport in Scandinavia".


To-Be-Team was announced as a winner of Mini-Innomaraton. Team consists of 4 members such as Ghozy Ul Haq, Jana Ladygina, Oleksandr Shybinskyi ja Natalia Pulakka. The novel ideas suggested by To-Be-Team includes the Center of Fun Flying/ Huippu Lentokeskus providing an exciting flying entertainment experience such as: Fun Flying using small airplanes, Paratrike /Paragliding and Hot Air Balloon.


Moreover, Drone Academy and Family Flight Festival were proposed for successful airport development, since Drone technology will certainly be utilized in the future and Family Flight Festivals could be a part of annual festival program in Kemi-Tornio area and it would definitely bring visitors from Sweden, Norway and Russia as well.


Winner team was chosen by Chief executive officer of Lapin yrittäjät Pirkka Salo and Rauno Kurtti who works as a coordinator of Eastern and North Finnish Air Traffic in Lapin Liitto.
During the dinner To-Be-Team had a chance to talk with Mr. Rauno Kurtti and discussed some more ideas which could be beneficial for airport.




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