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17.6.2015 12:00

Unforgettable summer in Torneå summer school

Summer School on Arctic Cooperation and Cross Border Expertise brings to Tornio lecturers from Lapland UAS’s European partner universities and Fulbright scholars from the USA.

The summer school with themes of importance to the Arctic area is rather an interesting opportunity for both the lecturers and the students. In June there are students from China, Vietnam, Russia, Angola and Finland. More nationalities will be represented in July and August.

Michael Brown came to Torneå Summer School as a Fulbright scholar. He arrived in Rovaniemi, Lapland already last August and is now considering doing law studies in Rovaniemi.

Michael, originally from California, has specialised in Arctic strategies and policies on which he also gives lessons in Torneå at the summer school.

- In comparison to Finland the USA may not pay so much attention to these questions, Michael tells about his observations.

Molly Schwartz, the other Fulbright scholar from the USA joined the summer school at the beginning of June.

At the summer school in Torneå 30 students in all have enrolled, but about ten students are present at a time. Aleksandra Domina from Kostamus, Russia is one of the few students taking part in every summer school study modules.

An opportunity for Aleksandra to make many new international friends sharing professional interest areas of her own. Coming from Kostamus a town near the Finnish border, she has not suffered from any kind of a cultural shock but has been able to tutor those coming from more distant countries.

The summer school students are accommodated in the same dormitory building which, according to Aleksandra, is nice. So far they have thrown a barbeque party and are now planning a trip to Helsinki.

- Teachers are so nice, so young and so smart!, Aleksanda rejoices when asked about the best parts of the summer school.

Senior lecturer Teresa Chen is one of the summer school organisers at Lapland University of Applied Sciences. According to her the topics of education modules have been chosen so that they could easily be accommodated within several degree programmes and provide the best possible benefit for the students to proceed with their studies.

For the UAS’s own students the summer school is an excellent way to familiarise themselves with new cultures. Due to different kinds of situations in life, going abroad for exchange is not an option for everyone.

- All the lectures are delivered face-to-face, which is important in this case. This is what we call “Internationalisation at home”, says Teresa.

The summer school takes place from June 1 to August 28 and during which 30 ETCS of study modules are offered. The main topics are divided into three sections of 10 ECTS each: 1 Cross-cultural Management with Michael Brown (USA), Teresa Chen (Lapland UAS) and Alexander Seryakov (Russia), 2. Digitalisation and ICT-services with Molly Schwartz (USA), Johanna Vuokila (Lapland UAS) and Anthony Okuogume (Lapland UAS) and 3. International Marketing with Marc Clerk (Belgium), Paul de Jong (Netherlands) and Mika Saloheimo (Lapland UAS).

The themes closely align with the strategic priorities of Lapland University of Applied Sciences: managing distances, service business and entrepreneurship, smart use of natural resources and safety and security issues.

For further inquiries please contact senior lecturer Teresa Chen, teresa.chensähköposti.jpg Tel. +358 50 310 9213.

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Summer school participants having a barbeque party. Michael Brown sitting on the right.