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17.6.2015 10:00

UAS Student services in Summer

Summer holidays cause some exceptions to student services.

Education Units

Minerva is closed from 29 June to 26 July.

Kosmos doors are closed from 18 June to 2 August.

  • The main door A is open 3 - 7 August at 8 - 14.
  • Compus is closed from 22 June to 31 July.

Health Care unit (Kemi) doors are closed from 18 June to 11 August.

Jokiväylä unit (Rovaniemi) doors are closed from 22 June to 2 August. The admissions office open Mon - Fri at 9-15.

Viirinkangas unit (MTI/Rovaniemi) doors are closed from 6 June to 9 August.

Student and Application services 

The admissions office (Rovaniemi) open Mon-Fri at 9–15.

The Student affairs offices are closed:

Technology from 29 June to 3 August
Social Service from 29 June to 31 July
Health Care from 22 June to 2 August
Minerva from 29 June to 26 July

Rantavitikka from 29 June to 9 August
Viirinkangas (MTI) from 6 to 31. July (From 3 to 9 August the student service is at Jokiväylä 11 C room C136)

When the Student Affairs Offices are closed you get Attendance Certificates and Transcripts of Records from International Office (Jokiväylä 11 C, 1st floor, room C135 / international@lapinamk.fi / +358 (0)40 703 9773.

The Open university of applied sciences office (Rovaniemi) is closed in July.

The International office is open in Rovaniemi Mon-Fri at 9−11 and 12−15 (entrance door C1). Kemi office is closed from 6 to 31 July. Open as usual in June and August. Contacts in July: internationalsähköposti.jpg  / +358 (0)40 703 9773

IT-Services available all the summer. Tel 020 798 5800 email: servicedesk(ät)luc.fi.

eLearning support services not available from 21 to 24 July. Please see eoppimispalvelut.fi. Contacts: eoppimispalvelutsähköposti.jpg

The student affairs office in Kemi closed from 24 June to 26 July. The Rovaniemi office closed from 22 June to 31 July. During closing days the Rovaniemi international office (Jokiväylä 11 C) provides students with attendance certificates and transcripts of records.

The student union ROTKO closes both in Kemi and Rovaniemi for 8 June to 16 August

The school social worker (Kemi-Tornio) makes no appointments during 15 June to 5 August.

The study counsellor (Rovaniemi) makes no appointments during 19 June to 31 July.

The school nurses

Tornio: reception without appointment:
10–18 June at 8–8.45
23–30 June at 8–8.45
1 July–2 August closed

Kemi: School nurse returns to her Kosmos office 31 August and to the Health Care unit 24 August. In case of emergency students are advised to visit Länsi-Pohjan keskussairaala (Central Hospital in Kemi).

Rovaniemi: Information on this web page.


Please see the Library bulletin.

Campus restaurants

Lappia restaurants in Kemi-Tornio, please see Lappia bulletin.

Restaurant Tekuila (Jokiväylä, Rovaniemi) open 1 June to 18 June Mon-Thu 7.45−14.00 and Fri 7.45−13.30. Lunch serving during  10.30−12.30. Restaurant closed 19 June to 2 August.

Restaurant Hilla (Viirinkangas, Rovaniemi) closed 8 June to 23 August.



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