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14.12.2016 7:00

Tuition fees: Lapland UAS to implement an exceptional supportive scholarship system

All Finnish institutes of higher education will adopt tuition fees in their English-language education programmes next autumn.

The fees will apply to higher education degree students who are not citizens of the EU, EEA or Switzerland. Also exempt from the fees are those who have the EU Blue Card, an extended or permanent residence permit or a long-term resident’s EC residence permit as referred to in the Aliens Act.

The tuition fees will apply to studies starting in August 2017 and later on. The fee will be university-specific.

In this connection, the universities are obliged to develop a scholarship system to support the students taking part in payable degree programmes.

The €100 handling fee for applications that was still used last spring will be eliminated at the same time.

Lapland UAS to create a supportive scholarship system

The annual tuition fee of Lapland UAS will be € 8,000, which is also the estimate of the national tuition fee average by the Centre for International Mobility and Co-operation CIMO. The fee is the same for the bachelor and master’s degree students at Lapland UAS.

The scholarship system will serve as an incentive. A first-year student will receive a scholarship that will cover 80 % of the tuition fee. In order to be eligible for the € 6,400 benefit, you only need to be selected as a student to Lapland UAS and accept the study place. In the following years, the scholarship will cover 60 % of the tuition fee (€ 4,800), if the student’s studies have progressed by at least 55 credits during the previous year. If a student receives his/her diploma within the scheduled time, the tuition fee of the last year will be refunded to him/her in full.

The scholarship system is financially significant for a student: when studies progress at an optimal speed and the student graduates in time, the price for the whole degree programme will be € 8,000 after the scholarship.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences provides five English-language degree programmes: four bachelor’s degree programmes and one master’s degree programme.

Other sources of information

• Ministry of Education and Culture’s press release of 22 October 2015


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