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29.4.2024 10:00

Tourism students innovating socially sustainable and memorable experiences for travellers in Rotterdam

Every spring Lapland UAS, Breda UAS, and Kempten UAS organize a study unit together. The students form multicultural teams and create memorable experiences for tourists by applying Design Thinking method. The cooperation creates also unforgettable experiences and international networks for the students, the teachers and the companies involved.

Last week altogether 27 students and four teachers from Rovaniemi, Kempten and Breda completed a nine-day intensive course which aimed at innovating socially sustainable and memorable destination experiences for both (inter)national city travellers and locals in the six (forthcoming) central parks of the city of Rotterdam. Once again, Design Thinking principles and methods in a “pressure cooking” setting proved to be very fruitful approach to design innovative destination experiences.

The FAM-trip to the city of Rotterdam served as the primary source of inspiration for the design challenge, since it allowed students and teachers to co-experience the manifold atmosphere of Rotterdam. The results of the intensive course were very satisfying even though the design challenge for students required more imagination than ever before. Aside from working hard, students could take advantage of tailor-made leisure activities in Breda. The highlight of the intensive week was to experience the heart of the Dutch people by visiting to the "Efteling" amusement park.

Since 2014, Lapland UAS, Breda UAS, and Kempten UAS have cooperated to pioneer innovative methods and practices to multidimensional education collaboration. Initially set off by the Learning Tourism (LeTo) project, this partnership has continued beyond its three-year period.

After the LeTo project these three higher education institutes (HEIs) have continued fruitful cooperation in a form of Erasmus + BIP intensive courses, organised by one of the HEIs every alternate year. The prerequisites for the long-lasting partnership have been the dedicated teachers and curriculum flexibility to apply Design Thinking principles and methods.
Three Erasmus + BIP intensive courses have been organized for the years 2022–2024, proving how collaboration has remained strong despite the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020–21.


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Students working hard in Breda university visit
Picture: Students working in Rotterdam

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