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19.1.2023 15:00

The universities of Lapland attracted a large number of international students

The number of applicants to the universities of Lapland increased substantially from last year. Lapland is considered an interesting place for studying.

Application to foreign-language degree programmes ended on Wednesday 18 January 2023 at 15:00.

ULapland offered 25 starting places that were sought by 391 applicants. Lapland UAS offered 115 places that were sought by a whopping 5,439 applicants. We will know the precise figures after the final checks.

The programmes offered by the the universities of Lapland attracted numerous international applicants. Most of the applications came from outside Finland. The investment of the universities of Lapland in international marketing and student recruitment has produced intended results, and now Finland and Lapland are regarded as an interesting destination.

- The applications confirmed that the education provided by our universities attracts applicants, says Merija Timonen, the director of the LUC Teaching and Learning Services.

The united goal of the universities is to increase the number of international students in accordance with our strategy.

- Through international programmes we respond to the need for expertise in the businesses and job market of Lapland and to the growth of the northern regions, says Rector Riitta Rissanen.

The number of applicants increased from the previous year

Lapland UAS offered four English-language degree programmes through the joint application procedure and one through the separate procedure. The total number of applicants grew from last year.

The degree programmes offered by Lapland UAS were as follows: Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Tourism; Bachelor of Engineering, Machine Learning and Data Engineering; Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business; and Bachelor of Sport Business Management, which was offered as a new international programme. Concurrently, the degree programme Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing was on offer through the separate application procedure.

ULapland offered the following two master’s programmes in tourism: Master's Degree Programme in Tourism, Culture and International Management and Master's Degree Programme in Northern Tourism. In addition, there was the Master's Degree Programme in Arctic Art and Design. The number of applicants to the Northern Tourism programme increased dramatically by 133%.

The results of the joint application procedure are published on 2 June 2023 at the latest.

This spring’s joint application procedure continues with Finnish programmes from the 15th of March onward. Application to all programmes is done electronically at www.opintopolku.fi.

Further information:

Riitta Rissanen, Rector
Lapland University of Applied Sciences
Phone: 040 029 3545

Merija Timonen, Director
Teaching and Learning Services, LUC Services
Phone: 040 7777 352

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