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15.11.2017 8:01

The Secret Side of the Arctic – Gala2017

The Degree Programme in Tourism and the exchange students of Lapland UAS are creating an annual Gala event related to the Experience Design 1, the DPT study unit at MTI.

This annual Gala is implemented as a project study and therefore we are working in project teams, which are divided into management, marketing, programme, decoration and maintenance. The group of the Finnish Bachelor of Hospitality Management students are in charge of cooking and serving the food in the event.

The Gala name of this year is The Secret Side of the Arctic – Join the Inner Circle. Its theme is Arctic Mafia and it reflects our vision what an Arctic mafia could be. Everything in the Gala from marketing to decoration follows the same theme.

While creating such an event we are learning theoretical aspects of creating tourism experiences and experience management. This knowledge will be taken into practice while working within the project. It is also highly important to remember the sustainable way of proceeding for the benefit of the Arctic operational environment. Of course, as we are an international group, we will get a chance to get familiar with other cultures and learn to work with people from different cultural backgrounds – that is a very valuable thing for us as well!

The Gala will be held in MTI’s cafeteria Hilla on 17 November 2017.

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