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5.3.2024 7:00

The GENGREEN project supports women entrepreneurs to start new, sustainable businesses

The GENGREEN project focusing on green female entrepreneurship has been launched in early January. The project aims to support a total of 50 women entrepreneurs in South and Central Ostrobothnia, Lapland, Norbotten, Tromsø and Finnmark.

The project is supported by the Interreg Aurora programme, which provides funding opportunities for cross-border cooperation in Northern Europe in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Silvia Gaiani, Senior Researcher and Project Manager at the University of Helsinki's Ruralia Institute, considers it important to focus on women entrepreneurs:

"There is still a gap between male and female entrepreneurs in Finland and other Nordic countries, due to a number of factors, including gender differences in entrepreneurial motivations and in the amount and extent of barriers women face in accessing finance and networks. In addition, women entrepreneurs face more challenges than men in starting a new business, as research shows that they have to balance family expectations, personal life and entrepreneurial risks at the same time."

The GENGREEN project invites all women entrepreneurs in the region - including those from minority groups - to get involved in building sustainable businesses. The project focuses on networking, knowledge sharing and creating synergies between participating businesses. This will be achieved through a variety of methods, including the Living Lab concept, joint training modules, workshops, field visits and webinars. Participating companies can look forward to opportunities for cooperation, learning and business development.

The project will focus on cross-border cooperation to strengthen sustainable female entrepreneurship at a broad Nordic level. Gaiani highlights the main objectives of the project:

"Our goal is to promote sustainable business practices, foster engagement with local communities and society, and develop sustainable business solutions. We also aim to increase social and economic benefits for local communities. Our primary target group is entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the development stage and entrepreneurs who are seeking to steer their businesses towards sustainable business practices."

The project involves 9 implementing partners; 6 from Finland (University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, Into Seinäjoki, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Centria University of Applied Sciences, Inari Municipality and Liiveri Development Association), 2 from Norway (ICE Kirkenes and Arctic economic council) and one from Sweden (Luleå tekniska universitet).

Further information:

Ada Trogen
Dissertation Researcher
University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, Seinäjoki, Finland
The official GENGREEN website, Facebook and Instagram account will be launched during the spring. You can now find GENGREEN on LinkedIn.


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