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6.11.2023 8:00

Terveystalo and Lapland UAS partnership continues

Terveystalo's Kemi and Rovaniemi units and Lapland UAS renewed their partnership agreement and continue to cooperate in developing health and well-being expertise and services. They also want to improve the availability of experts.

Terveystalo company is the leading private health care service provider in Finland.

The partnership agreement signing ceremony was held on November 1, and the agreement was signed by Terveystalo OyJ's Regional Director of Lapland, Sirpa Lohi, and Lapland University of Applied Sciences' Rector Riitta Rissanen. The coronavirus influenced the previous three-year contract period but was so successful that the agreement was decided to be renewed.

According to Sirpa Lohi, improving the attractiveness and retention of the health sector is the will and goal of both houses. The competition for experts is also fierce in Lapland, and according to Sirpa Lohi, it is in everyone's interest that the public sector also gets and can retain the necessary number of experts in its service. This can be helped by the University of Applied Sciences' strong expertise in managing distances.

- The agreement is themed by the Lapland perspective. Managing the employee experience and supporting solo work - so that experts get the necessary support and security from their managers - is emphasized in Lapland.

By developing trainee/talent paths, the career opportunities of health sector students in Terveystalo's service are developed. Students are wanted to be attached to the work community during their studies.

- Workplace shopping challenges the health sector, Sirpa Lohi summarizes.

The nature of the partnership includes sharing expertise and knowledge. It produces clear value for education and research, development and innovation cooperation. Riitta Rissanen, Rector of Lapland UAS, says that the themes of partnership work have progressed in three years. She sees many common themes in the agreement that affect the attractiveness of the health sector.

- How to ensure the attractiveness and retention of the health sector is also a big question for us. We are in a prime position to create the sector's future when the way of working has changed and colleagues may be even around the world.

Seija Taattola, Head of Expertise at Lapland University of Applied Sciences, is especially pleased with the planned Talent program, which means, for example, opportunities for students to study temporary work at Terveystalo's Kemi or Rovaniemi units. The career paths of those already employed by Terveystalo can also be supported by the University of Applied Sciences.

Improving the customer experience of international tourists and customers living on the Swedish side is also a special theme in Lapland, which has been recorded in the partnership agreement as a target for joint development. Furthermore, the agreement has recorded the development of preventive services related to occupational health.

Plans also include more efficient joint use of resources: the University of Applied Sciences sees Terveystalo's sports laboratory and clinic activities as unique learning environments and, on the other hand, Terveystalo can make better use of the University of Applied Sciences' development environments such as the Functional Ability Environment Semppi and Sports Lab facilities.

The partnership cooperation is coordinated by the managers of Terveystalo's offices Taina-Riikka Hakola (Rovaniemi) and Mari Hietala (Kemi) and the head of the Future Health Services expertise group Seija Taattola from Lapland UAS. The contact persons prepare an action plan as an annexe to the partnership agreement, which describes the themes and measures of cooperation in more detail.

According to Sirpa Lohi, educational organizations are key players in the future, which is why cooperation with them is very important.

- Cooperation is made even closer - I do not see any other future in this respect.


Photo: Terveystalo