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1.6.2020 7:00

Tailoring multidisciplinary master’s degree online

Sudies leading to a master’s degree are now planned and implemented in a more multidisciplinary form.

In the ‘Lapland’s Master School’ project implemented by Lapland University of Applied Sciences, studies leading to a master’s degree are planned and implemented in a more multidisciplinary form. This enables students to obtain stronger expertise related to the management and development tasks of multidisciplinary teams, for example.

The studies are developed in close cooperation with the university’s students and national and international representatives of working life. In this respect, the project is further developing the activity known as Visiting Professors. The activities of Lapland’s Master School are piloted through the multidisciplinary master’s degree programme Service Management for the Digital Age.

The project will develop a student-oriented, multidisciplinary master’s degree education model that makes use of the opportunities of digitalisation.

• From now on, students can select studies for their master’s degree programme in alignment with their needs for the transitional phases of their careers (transitioning to new and/or more demanding work tasks).

• Master’s degree studies can be completed anywhere in Finland or the world through virtual learning.

• Networking and cooperation between students and working life grows stronger.

• Students’ existing competence and work performed during studies is better recognised and acknowledged as part of the master’s degree education.

Lapland’s Master School project is funded by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for North Ostrobothnia and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences.


Project Manager
Marita Turulin
+358 (0)50 310 9363
marita.turulinLapin AMK sähköposti

Developer teachers:

Maarit Tihinen
+358 (0)40 760 9578
maarit.tihinenLapin AMK sähköposti

Outi Mattila
+358 (0)40 749 8615
outi.mattilaLapin AMK sähköposti

Soili Mäkimurto-Koivumaa
+358 (0)40 734 0405
soili.makimurto-koivumaaLapin AMK sähköposti

Merja Koikkalainen
+358 (0)40 153 1470
merja.koikkalainenLapin AMK sähköposti

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