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21.8.2020 6:00

TUUDO app of Lapland UAS revamped

Lapland University of Applied Sciences has revamped the TUUDO app, which has been used by students for some time, by increasing and improving the services available.

More new services in TUUDO will be launched later this academic year.


What is TUUDO?

TUUDO is a mobile app for students that can be used to plan and manage their daily life. Key information related to studies, such as timetables and UAS news, is available quickly and easily in TUUDO. Students of Lapland UAS should therefore adopt TUUDO for everyday use. TUUDO is free of charge and can be downloaded to your phone from the app store.


So what all is in TUUDO?


Based on enrolments, TUUDO shows the student the details of their ongoing and upcoming studies as well as details of completed studies. Students can search for course information and access contents via TUUDO. Students can also enrol for courses in TUUDO, which forwards the enrolment to Peppi. Students can also sit in courses even if they have not enrolled for the course.


The main view of TUUDO shows upcoming events (5 pcs). The timetable displays the courses for which the student is enrolled, and the timetable view can be edited, for example for the time period. Students can also create their own events, either individual or recurring, such as hobbies. However, it should be noted that Lukkarikone and TUUDO do not talk to each other, so if students create their own timetable in Lukkarikone, it does not transfer to TUUDO.


TUUDO includes news aimed at students, worth actively following. More specific news channels for different services will follow later.

Student benefits

The view shows the benefits offered by outside companies, which TUUDO offers.


Well-being includes the services of Nyyti ry.

My Global Story

My Global Story shows the opportunities for internationalisation offered by the university of applied sciences.


Maps of the university campuses for all floors. Also contains the most important location information. The map application will be updated after the renovations have been completed, as for example the Jokiväylä campus is not yet completed.


TUUDO provides the names, opening hours and menus of campus restaurants/cafes.

Public transport

Public transport information is provided in TUUDO based on the Google Maps Transit service.

People and services

The contact details of the most important services offered by the UAS to the student can be found in TUUDO.

Changing the language

In settings, the student can specify in which language they want information to be displayed. TUUDO is available in a number of languages. If the language is not specified, TUUDO will automatically use the phone’s language, or if TUUDO does not support the language, e.g. Chinese, it will automatically use English.


Coming in autumn 2020


During the autumn, TUUDO will be further developed and the following services will be added, for which more information will be given later:

• Jobs and traineeships
Currently visible via a service provided by TUUDO, job and traineeships available nationwide. As TUUDO is developed, in the future we will provide the same service to partners of Lapland UAS. However, notices exported to the organisation-specific jobs and traineeships module will only be visible to our own students.

The Jobiili app used in the social and health care sector is still used alongside TUUDO.

In the future, theses and student projects will also be available in TUUDO.

• Integration with Moodle
• Space reservations
• New student package

TUUDO - Information in your own pocket!

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