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3.12.2013 14:00

Student union ROTKO got it's first board

The student union KETOAKKU in Kemi-Tornio UAS and the student union CAMOS in RAMK merge on 1 January 2014.

The ROTKO Representatives has selected members of the ROTKO board and named the Chairman for the year 2014.

According to the Student Union's rules the size of the board is Chairman and 8-12 members.

ROTKO representatives have selected the members based on regional balance: Five members, from Rovaniemi and five members from the Kemi-Tornio region. 


Joni Lalli (Chairman), Rovaniemi
Reetta Paukkunen, Rovaniemi
Jarmo Nikumaa, Rovaniemi
Teemu Seppi, Rovaniemi
Anastasia Sokolova, Rovaniemi
Samuli Savukoski, Tornio
Inka Hiltunen, Kemi
Ville Ojala, Kemi
Tuomas Soppela, Kemi
Salla Suvanne, Kemi


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