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15.2.2023 11:00

Santa Claus visited Lapland UAS in Rovaniemi on Valentine’s Day

The Degree Programme in Tourism (Bachelor of Hospitality Management) arranged a get-together event with students, alumni and staff members on Rovaniemi Campus. In addition, our special friend Santa Claus visited us in the event.

The goodwill event was arranged on Valentine’s Day, 14 February on Rovaniemi Campus. Tourism students, alumni, teachers and other staff members got together and celebrated Valentine's Day.

We got inspired by tourism career stories by Liisa Kokkarinen and Boris Stoev. Liisa works a as Manager and Head of Sustainable Development at Visit Finland/Business Finland and Boris Stoev works as a guide in Safartica. Their advice for the students was: “Follow your passion!” and they encouraged the students to be active and to take part in different kinds of projects and events during their studies.

As a surprise, our good friend Santa Claus, the real representative of friendship and goodwill, visited us! A lot of pictures were taken with him, and the photos were spread all over the world. In addition, we got a lot of new friends and networks in this Valentine’s Day event.

Santa Claus sitting in front of the computer

Students at alumni event

Teachers at alumni event

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