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19.12.2017 6:00

Rovaniemi Library bulletin

Access keys and printing services in LUC Library in Rovaniemi from 1 Jan 2018.

Access the library at any time using your access key

The Lapland University Library is available 24/7 to students of the University of Applied Sciences with an access key.
You can get an access key from the university caretakers at the main lobby info desk. More information on using the key is available from the caretakers.

You can print, copy and scan at the library

Students of the University of Applied Sciences can use the library’s all-in-one printers for printing, copying and scanning. Each student of Lapland UAS will receive €5 worth of print credits at the beginning of the year.

In order to print documents, students must register on one of the library’s all-in-one printers. Operating instructions are available at every printer and as an attachment to this message.

You can register for the library printing services by one of the following means:

1. Access key received from the UAS
2. Card with an RFID chip
3. Access key received from the university
4. You can also register for printing services and use them without any cards/access keys by logging into the printer manually with your username and password.

The library sells credits for printing, copying and scanning on the printers on its premises.

The minimum purchase is €5 (five euros), which provides credits for 74 pages of black-and-white printouts/copies in size A4, for example. The university is responsible for keeping the all-in-one printers stocked with paper. The printers available to students are located on the library premises. All of the library’s workstations have secure printing queues in the directory \\layprint01\Turvatulostus.

Price list

Printing and copying
A4 B&W 1-sided 6.7 cents/page A3 B&W 1-sided 13.4 cents/page
A4 B&W 2-sided 7.0 cents/page A3 B&W 2-sided 13.8 cents/page
A4 colour 1-sided 15 cents/page A3 colour 1-sided 30 cents/page
A4 colour 2-sided 18 cents/page A3 colour 2-sided 33 cents/page

Free of charge

Library web page.

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