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12.5.2015 10:00

Nursing student's video greeting for International Nurses Day

At Kingston University, England, International Nurses Day is celebrated on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, 12 May. Together with their teacher, nursing students prepared a video greeting, which was presented at the event.

 Co-operation with Kingston University has been strong ever since the beginning of the 2000s. Initially, co-operation covered nursing but has since extended to the social sector. The Older Care International Network, OCIN, was founded with Kingston in 2005. Currently, an Erasmus+ programme project application, named Person Centered Care and Cultural Understanding, is being processed.

Dr Maria Ponto from Kingston University has worked at the UAS as Visiting Professor, and she visits Kemi every year to teach and work in projects. Other short staff and student exchanges from Kingston to UAS also take place.

The video greeting was shot in the Kemi SnowCastle.

- We acquired official nurses' outfits from different eras. By exhibiting the outfits, the idea was to showcase the development of nurses' work from Florence's time to today, with Florence Nightingale, 'The Lady with the Lamp,' in the lead, followed by female students dressed in nurses' outfits dating back to various times. Last, we see a male student wearing work protective clothing, says Lecturer Anne Luoma on the idea behind the video.

The video is published on the Youtube channel of Lapland UAS.  on 12 May.

Florence Nightingale was an extremely hardworking, persevering and skilful pioneer in the field. International Nurses Day is closely linked to the International Council of Nurses. The Finnish Nurses Association is a member association of the ICN. The International Council of Nurses has organised International Nurses Day since 1965, on the current date since 1972.