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8.5.2018 8:19

Northern Stars Seminar 2018

Northern Stars seminar was held at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences Rantavitikka campus on Thursday the 19th – Saturday the 21st of April. It was a combination of Arctic workshop day, the Northern Stars seminar and Northern Stars pitching.

Magical Inspiration Workshop

Arctic Workshop day started on Thursday the 19th of April with a welcoming speech held by Anzelika Krastina. IB- students were organized workshops of different kind. There were also a lecturer Jenni Rajahalme, who was speaking about the importance of networking. She was taking part with the Skype connection.
Magical Inspiration Workshop was into motivating you to become your better version and how to handle problems of a different kind when it comes to life with school, your own private life and your own motivation.


northerns 1.png
Magician Juha –Matti Ristiharju talking about how you can find your own job by mixing your own ambition and hobbies.

Creating a startup in the North – workshop was leaded by Anu Harju- Myllyaho, who briefed the participants in establishment to start-up companies. She also talked about what will be important when you think about establishing a start-up company. After the presentation business ideas were invented in the workshop in the groups and they were presented to the group.


northerns 2.png
Esa Posio talking about his own company at the workshop.

The last workshop of the day was “Be the next entrepreneur.” The Speaker Esa Posio talked about his own company background and work history. After the presentation participants planed their own business ideas which the experienced entrepreneur's opinions and advice were obtained.

Northern Stars Seminar


northerns 3.jpg
Nothern Stars seminar flyers.

The main event Northern Stars seminar started on Friday the 20th of April at Lapland UAS. It is an international seminar what promotes youth entrepreneurship. It is also the excellent way learn about entrepreneurship, innovations and business opportunities in the Arctic Region. There were many experienced speakers in this year’s seminar talking about their business and sharing their valuable insights about different topics.


northerns 4.jpg
Minttu-Mari Haverinen the founder and CEO of Haffuer Office talking about how she started her own business.


 northerns 5.jpg
Rob Patterson the CEO and Chief of Nutmegger PR.

 Rob Patterson the CEO and Chief of Nutmegger PR, one of the speakers, was talking about his company which is specialized in digital marketing, inbound marketing, social media optimization, SEO, marketing communications, media training, reputation management and consulting services. Patterson was also talking international business, digitalization and start ups. The main point was motivating participants to think if they would start a business and giving them good advice based in his entrepreneur experience.


northerns 6.jpg
Heikki Autto the Chairman of the Rovaniemi City Council talking about the topic “Why does the arctic matter?”


northerns 7.jpg
Riia Valvimo the project worker and BBA student at Lapland UAS.

Riia Valvimo was talking about her work with the project based on Arctic Valley. She has worked at the project, which has developed the services of Napalaakso -Arctic Valley. Arctic Valley is a virtual modelling of a Lappish town. There are also new innovative businesses established in there every year by 1st year BBA students. There was Arctic Valley presentation in the Lapland UAS main hall at the same time as the Northern Stars Seminar.

In addition to these mentioned two speakers there were more specialized and experienced speakers in the Northers Stars Seminar. There were two themes which divided the speakers: Business Opportunities in the Arctic and Creative Entrepreneurship in The Arctic and Beyond. The theme Business Opportunities in The Arctic was hosted by Lapland University Management Student Teppo Säkkinen and the speakers were Lapland UAS Vice Rector Reijo Tolppi, who began the seminar by telling opening words, CEO & Chief of Nutmegger Pr Rob Patterson, Chairman of The Rovaniemi City Council Heikki Autto, VIE & Co- founder on Lean in Vietnam Duong Nguyen and Head of European Innovation Management’s Martin Scott.

The theme Creative Entrepreneurship in The Arctic and beyond was hosted by the Bachelor of business administration and Arctic Lifestyle Thomas Draper. The speakers were Executive Group of the World Bank Group Umed Azizov, Seminar Project Manager Nina Niskala, Seminar executive assistant Laura Ukkola, Project worker & BBA student Riia Valvimo, Founder & CEO of Haffuer Office Minttu- Mari Haverinen, Teacher & Barents entrepreneur Johan Berglund, the Youth League of The Finnish Norden Association Secretary General Lena Höglund and Nordjobb Project Assistant in Lapland Eeva Väisänen. The closing words were held by Anzelika Krastina the Senior Lecturer at Lapland UAS.

Northern Stars Pitching Event

Northern Stars Pitching Event was held on Revontuli shopping mall on Saturday the 21st of April. The idea was that people can get an opinion to pitch and present their business ideas in public. There were also jury and audience, who choose top three teams. The chosen was given by the jury professional knowledge and entrepreneur experience. Jury were in different fields and people get a change to make them interested and meet potential investors.

IMG_7765 (1).JPG

There was the much audience following the seminar.

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