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15.1.2014 14:00

New publication: Creative steps

Join us on this fairy tale journey of innovation!

Anitra Arkko-Saukkonen & Minttu Merivirta (ed.)
Creative Steps – On the Way to an Idea | Creative Steps –Innovatiivinen polku kohti ideaa


This publication explains, in detail, how the international Creative Steps workshop was organised through the cooperation of the four partner countries and by making use of networks. It also works as a sort of road map for the arranging of similar international cooperative projects. 

Workshop booklet is an inspiration to others and show that actors in the creative field need, and, what is more, deserve new ways to create worldwide networks. This publication contains the experiences and views of the organisers and participants in the pilot project as well as actual advice and tips for everyone interested in organising similar workshops in the future.


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