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10.1.2022 8:00

My Bright Future -event gave students insights into Finnish working life

This December all International Business -students had the opportunity to participate in an event called ‘My Bright Future’. The event was organised to help students to have a better understanding of the work opportunities in Finland.

The event was taking place in the Arktikum Science Centre in Rovaniemi, and the event’s main host was Dilixiati Bolati.


What had “My Bright Future” have to offer for International Business students?

At this event, there were altogether 6 presentations about working life, entrepreneurship, double degree program, career path, and a company was also represented. During the presentations, the speakers have emphasised that Finnish language knowledge is very important if international students are imagining themselves in Finland.

The first speaker was Marlene Kohllechner-Autto (Senior specialist) who’s topic was “Finding a job as a Foreigner in Finland and adapting to the Finnish working life”. This gave international students a great insight into how to start their working life in Finland and what they need to keep in mind when searching for a job.

Blanka Schusterova (entrepreneur, finder of Mandragora) spoke about “Creating a job by establishing a company” and she gave students tips on what they should take into consideration when establishing a company. She put great emphasises on the importance of the laws and regulations as well as choosing something you know well and love as your business idea. Students said that this presentation was inspiring because Blanka Schusterova is a great representation of a foreigner who was able to establish a business in the Lapland region.

At the event, there were two Universities (FH Aachen, and Turiba University) represented for double-degree opportunities. Double-degree can be a great opportunity for those who want to experience exchange for a longer period of time.

“Life After BBA” was presented to the IB students by Irina Sergeeva (Part-time Lecturer). During this presentation, students have got information about what they should consider during their career path planning process. Students also got a more realistic view of what they can expect after graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).


After the speakers, students also had the opportunity to participate in a workshop. There were two workshops to choose from one was called “Building your CV” and the other one was “Strengthening your strengths”. Building your CV was held by Irina Sergeeva and students had the opportunity to discuss this matter with the building comments from the hosts.

“We have learned that the picture in CV make your application more attractive, you should be short and accurate, and sometimes you need to edit your cv for a specific job.” - IB student

Strengthening your strengths was held by Jonna Löf (Education Specialist) students in this workshop were identifying their strengths and each other’s strengths.

“We learned more what kinds of strength we have as well as our partners. Also, we learned that it is easier to see someone's strength than find your own.” - IB student

Student point of view

Overall, the students felt like this event was a useful, educational, and great experience. They liked the most that the event was filled with real-life examples, inspirational stories, eye-opening for future career planning, and they wish for more entrepreneur stories in the future.

International Business - degree program

The International Business (IB) degree program in Rovaniemi is giving students the fundamental knowledge of business principles, entrepreneur-like thinking, and sustainability. This degree program is also encouraging local businesses to develop and implement the sustainable innovations that IB students have to offer. At the end of this degree program, students will leave with a lot of real-life work experience and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) diploma.

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