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29.1.2021 10:00

More applicants to international degree programmes at the universities of Lapland

The period to apply for foreign-language education at the University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences ended on Wednesday 20 January. The number of applicants to both universities increased from the previous time.

The University of Lapland offered 25 starting places that were sought by 259 applicants. Lapland UAS offered 105 places and the number of applicants was 919. The exact numbers will be verified and published later.

The number of applicants increased partly because there were more places on offer than before. The number of starting places in existing studies had been increased, which is why there were also new studies available.

The supply of studies at northern universities attracted numerous international applicants. Roughly 90% of the applicants are from outside Finland, and 80% of these from countries outside the EU and EEA areas.

-  We were expecting an increase, but were nevertheless positively surprised by the extent of it. During the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus, our students have become increasingly appreciative of the educational environment, which probably shows in the number of applicants. Among the things that appeal to applicants nowadays are our northern location, safe operating environment, and high-quality digital learning environments,” notes Merija Timonen, the director of study and academic affairs at the universities.

Study programmes available for application

Study programmes available for application at the University of Lapland were as follows: two master’s degree programmes in tourism (Master's Degree Programme in Tourism, Culture and International Management and Master's Degree Programme in Northern Tourism) and one in art and design (Master's Degree Programme in Arctic Art and Design). The number of applicants for all these increased by 40–70% from the previous time.

As for Lapland UAS, three international degree programmes were offered through the joint application period and one through the direct application. The number of applicants for the following programmes increased: Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business) and Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Tourism). The Bachelor of Engineering (Machine Learning and Data Engineering) programme was a new programme in the joint application period, while the Bachelor of Health Care (Nursing) programme re-entered the direct application procedure after a one-year hiatus. These new studies attracted many applicants.

Unlike in the past, people no longer prioritise their application targets, which enables them to choose any of the study places granted to them. However, applicants can only choose one study place.

The results of the application process are published latest 4 June 2021.

The spring joint application procedure continues with Finnish-language studies starting 17 March. Apply for admission to the studies online at www.opintopolku.fi.

Further information

Merija Timonen, Director
Study and Academic Affairs, LUC Services
+358 40 7777 352