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30.8.2016 14:00

Master’s Degree as on-line studies

Lapland University of Applied Sciences offers on-line Master Programme of International Business Management that aims to give students multidisciplinary, multicultural and multi-lingual know-how especially in management sector.

The studies are mostly implemented on-line and to apply one has to have a minimum of 3 years’ working experience after BBA graduation.

Master Programme of International Business Management (IBM) is planned for talents who are aiming to enter into international business environments or who are already working in these environments. It provides the participants with expertise in different aspects of business development, marketing, business cultures and strategic management.

The study programme is carried out in English.

According to the Head of the Programme Mr Esa Jauhola the IBM gives a holistic picture of the international business and is designed to increase the competencies of the students and to respond to the needs of the business organizations. Its foundation is on definition and solving of a development idea and problem together with the fellow students and the working life.

Learning from fellow students

Hani Bardala, originally from Egypt, lives in Espoo, Finland. Earlier studies at Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences changes his life as it gave him the required knowledge to start an own business with his wife. As Bardala wanted to upgrade his knowledge, business was put aside for a while and he now concentrates on IBM-studies.

– The study programme of Lapland UAS suits me the best because we study full-time but mostly on-line. Same kind of structure is hard to find elsewhere, Bardala emphasizes.

Erika Barsk from Ylitornio, Finland, works as a sales manager at Pelloplast Ltd. She applied to study International Business Management as she wanted to continue her previous international business studies and to improve her know-how.

– It's a big plus that you can study in addition to full-time work. We gather together in Tornio few times, otherwise all the studies are done on-line, Barsk notes.

Barsk points out that the best thing about the studies is that all students of the group have wide experience of working life.

– Our group consists of people who are experts in their field, and this gives us the advantage to learn not only from the teachers but also from each others.

Also Bardala highlights that the heterogeneity of the students is a valuable asset.

– In our group we have a good selection of professionals in different fields, age groups and nationalities. The more experienced ones can advise others, and we study together as peers, regardless of everyone’s backgrounds.

It takes an average of 1,5 years to complete Master’s Degree. According to Barsk, the studying takes a lot of time and feels hard at some points but the positive side is that the on-line studies adapt to student’s daily routine.

– It’s a great opportunity to combine full-time study with full-time work because the studying is not tied to a specific time and place.

Real-life assignment from Tormets

Although IBM studies are mostly implemented on-line, they also include few seminar weeks in Tornio. For example the study group that started their studies in fall 2015 gathered together for the second time in Tornio in the end of January 2016.

The programme of the seminar week included a visit to Tormets Ltd, a company that offers an assignment for students as a part of their International Marketing course. The task was to find new business solutions and possibilities for Tormets to enter also Swedish markets.

The enterprise visit gave students a lot of basic knowledge to be utilized in their group work.

– We were expected to present ideas and plans on how the company should look into the future from the internationalization point of view and how they could increase their sales in the most suitable way for the company, Barsk explains.

The students worked on their presentations during the spring, and final suggestions were presented for the company during summer 2016.

Find out more about the Master Programme of International Business Management.

IBM_Hani Bardala ja Erika Barsk.jpg

Hani Bardala and Erika Barsk are developing their professional skills by studying in Master Programme of International Business Management at Lapland UAS.