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30.9.2016 14:00

Let´s bring the cultures together!

​International Culture Club -project was created by members of student union InnoBarentsLab in close cooperation with other international students of Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

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The main purpose of this project was for the participants from various cultures to meet face to face and to discuss certain topics dealing with different aspects of life such as sports, equality and history.

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Everyone were warmly welcome to join the club events. Project started in 20.2.2016 and ended on a celebration in 26.9.2016. There were four club meetings, two in Asukastupa in Rovaniemi city centre, one in Lapland University and the last one in ROTKO living room. Each meeting had their own discussion topic and everyone participating were asked to first introduce themselves and then give their output on the theme of the day. Conversation was always really relaxed as participants were sharing their own experiences while enjoying the snacks provided by the project leader Medo Aljanahi.

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Club meeting participants were Lapland University of Applied Sciences students, Lapland University students, Red Cross personnel, Lapland African Association members and refugees. Special attention was brought to bringing locals and students closer to refugees and helping the refugees integrate into Finnish culture. In each meeting there were persons capable of translating Finnish to English and Arabic to English and the other way around, leaving language barrier to be just a small hindrance rather than as an issue in communication.

Authors: Nina Niskala, leader of InnoBarentsLab and Laura Ukkola, marketing leader of InnoBarentsLab
Photos: Ekaterina Rubtsova and Nikita Litvinchik

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