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15.8.2013 13:00

Lapland University of Applied Sciences gets a new logo

A new logo and emblem have been approved for Lapland UAS, which will start its operations next January as Kemi-Tornio UAS and Rovaniemi UAS merge.

lapinamk_rgb.jpgThe logo depicts the new era of higher education in Lapland. The simple and modern design portrays how the university of applied sciences wishes to orient itself toward the future.
Lapland's UAS is a partner to everyone who wishes to develop, learn and achieve something new. There is a demand for Northernness – authenticity and bold actions – everywhere.

Made in the North


The University’s slogan Made in the North comes from the idea that Lapland’s UAS is a hero because of its conditions, not in spite of them. This experience enables the accumulation of knowledge, skills and vitality – enough to share with others.



In addition to a logo, Lapland UAS has a separate emblem without text. The emblem will be used in special cases as a graphic element or where space is limited.

The University’s visual identity was designed by Seven-1, an advertising agency based in Rovaniemi.

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