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18.12.2018 11:29

Kela informs

Three thousand higher education students lose financial aid

Kela assesses the academic progress of higher education students on a yearly basis. This autumn, an assessment was carried out for around 140,000 higher education students who received financial aid in the academic year 2017–2018.

A request for further information about their academic progress was sent to 15,000 students and the deadline for replying was 18 October 2018. 12,400 students replied. The percentage of replies received rose to 83% compared to 75% the year before. The information and the clarifications provided by the majority of the students who replied were accepted and they will thus continue to receive financial aid.

Approximately 3,000 students will have their financial aid payments stopped as of January 2019. About 2,000 of these will have their aid payments stopped because they did not reply to the request for further information.

The decision letter informing a student that payment of financial aid will be stopped also explains what the student must do in order to qualify for aid again. The decision is also accompanied by information about other kinds of support available to students.

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