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28.9.2017 8:00

International issue of the online magazine published

Lumen is the online magazine of Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The magazine shares northern knowledge and spreads Arctic competence.

The online magazine is a publication forum for the experts of the north and it promotes, for its own part, the open accessibility of the results of the R&D activities of Lapland UAS. This is also the idea behind the name of the magazine – Lumen, which is Latin for light.

The magazine is published three times a year and each issue has specific main themes.
The theme of the 2/2017 issue was derived from the strategy of Lapland University of Applied Sciences – Arctic Co-operation and Northern Cross-border Expertise. The issue is published entirely in English.

The editor-in-chief of the international issue is PhD, Principal Lecturer Esa Jauhola. The visiting columnist is Coordinator Päivi Koivupalo of the North Calotte Cross-border Advice Service.

In this issue, the Top of Europe is described and analyzed from several perspectives.

Editor-in-chief Esa Jauhola writes:

- Today, the global interest is in the Arctic because the northernmost regions are rich in resources. The challenge will be accessing them sustainably. Therefore, the cross-border cooperation in the High North is very important, and continues:

- Finland as the Chair of the Arctic Council in 2017–2019 has a challenging task to take care of this sustainable development together with the partner countries. Institutes of higher education (HEI’s) as a circumpolar network play a central role in keeping the discussion active, as well as in research and education.

The Nordic countries have a long-standing tradition of cooperation. Since the Convention between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden concerning the waiver of passport control entered into force 65 years ago, citizens have not in principle needed to show their passport when crossing a border. Goods and services began to move freely across the border between Finland and Sweden when the two countries joined the European Union in 1995.

The Nordic Council of Ministers partly finances cross-border advice services along the borders between Finland, Sweden and Norway. Coordinator Päivi Koivupalo states:

- Last year, North Calotte Cross-border Advice Service had 4,000 customer contacts. The number of times we are contacted has risen every year. Especially questions from entrepreneurs have become more common. However, the largest number of questions still comes from the citizens of Finland, Sweden and Norway.

In other articles and reviews, professionals of various fields enlighten, among other things, international aspects of higher education, entrepreneurship and leadership, new competences required in the working life, co-operation in cross-border networks and the study paths and study counselling for immigrants.

Lumen Journal is available on www.lumenlehti.fi.

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