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12.11.2018 6:00

International contacts inspire business students

Cross-border cooperation from west to east is very important as the problems are very similar although the language is different

Nikolett Plesér, a fourth year –student in International Business at Lapland UAS, attended the European Week of Regions and Cities which took place in Brussels on 8 - 11 October. Nikolett participated in the workshop “Bringing together youth along the external borders of the European Union” organised by DG NEAR in cooperation with TESIM on 11 October.

Nikolett was invited to attend the European week of regions and cities to present the case of InnoBarentsLab (IBL) which was developed and piloted through a project called ‘Young Innovative Entrepreneurs’ (YIE).

InnoBarentsLab (IBL) is a support system for aspiring young business people in the Barents region. The project Young Innovative Entrepreneurs (YIE) was financed by the Kolarctic CBC programme during 2007-2013 and the focus was to make the Barents region more attractive for young entrepreneurs.

Nikolett sent her speaking points about InnoBarentsLab and it was approved by the European Commission. So she got a chance to travel to Brussels in October and attend the four-day –event there which included this international workshop and a fair.

In Nikolett's opinion, the cross-border cooperation is very important, especially in Barents region.

- In general, the more understanding one has about other cultures and cross-cultural management, the better chance they have in their professional life. Many times just a visit to see what and how others are doing on the other side of the border can be highly inspirational to some, therefore mobility of people should be supported.

Nikolett is originally from Hungary and came to Rovaniemi to study international business four years ago. Already then, she was interested about project management, languages and international business and wanted to work in international surroundings.

- In our region, it is important to put emphasis on a west to east cross-border cooperation, because even if our languages are different, the problems are very similar. Any kind of initiative that supports entrepreneurship or business development in CBC context should be encouraged. Establishing and developing a stimulating business environment should be always with high importance.

Nikolett speaks 3 languages, Hungarian, English and German and she has been working within the tourism industry during her studies in Rovaniemi.

- I was interested in Finland already earlier and then I met one Finn, who told me more about Rovaniemi. So, I decided to come here. I like Rovaniemi and especially the beautiful nature around this city.

Her study group has had some studies about the Northern region and the Barents markets. Barents region and the Arctic is very interesting to her and she would love to study it more.

- We have had many interesting projects during the studies and I have had a chance to organize big events.

In the future after graduation, Nikolett plans to stay in Rovaniemi and work there.

- Maybe I continue studies at some point, but first I want just to work for a while.

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