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30.4.2024 12:00

Finnish Under-19 National Team Futsal Players Show Impressive Strength and Speed

Marko Demidoff studied in his Master's Thesis the physical capabilities of futsal players and provided insights into the key performance metrics.

In a recent Master's Thesis conducted over two years long study about the physical capabilities of Finnish under-19 national team futsal players, uncovering the levels of strength and speed. Led by Marko Demidoff, the study aimed to provide insights into key performance metrics such as strength, running speed, and rapid force production, with the goal of informing tailored training programs and highlighting areas for further development.

"Our research offers valuable insights into the physical attributes of youth futsal players," explained Demidoff, lead investigator of the study. "By understanding the strengths and areas for improvement, coaches and trainers can better support the development of these young athletes."

In a significant boost to the future of Finnish futsal, individual training programs tailored for young players have yielded impressive results. "I couldn't be happier with the outcomes we've achieved," remarked Demidoff, one of the team's coaching staff, reflecting on the program's success. These specialized training regimens have not only enhanced the performance of young talents at national team games but have also made a noticeable impact in the domestic league. This development marks a promising step forward for the sport in Finland, spotlighting the potential of its young players on both national and international stages.


Drawing from data collected during Finnish U19 futsal national team camps spanning from 2021 to 2023, the study analyzed anthropometric profiles and performance in various exercises, including squats, deadlifts, trap bar deadlifts, hip thrusts, vertical jumps and 20 meter sprint. The findings revealed that these young players demonstrate impressive levels of strength and speed, showcasing promising potential for future success in the sport.

Key findings from the research include:

- Finnish under-19 futsal national team players demonstrating notable levels of strength and speed, comparable to elite adult players.
- The research data offer valuable insights into the physical capabilities of Finnish youth in comparison to international counterparts from Spain, Brazil, Greece, and New Zealand.
- The importance of individualized physical training provided to national team players, contributing to their impressive performance levels.
- The potential applications of the research findings in guiding exercise selection, testing, and goal-setting for futsal players, with implications for enhancing training methodologies and improving performance outcomes.


"While our findings are encouraging, there is still much to be explored and refined in the realm of futsal training," noted Demidoff. "By continuing to study and understand the unique demands of the sport, we can further optimize training programs to enhance player development."

With its detailed analysis and practical implications, this research provides valuable insights for coaches, trainers, and players.

For those interested in the full report, please contact:

Marko Demidoff

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Finnish Under-19 National Team Futsal Players - Published by permission, copyright Marko Demidoff