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8.1.2015 8:00

Finnish National Board of Education: Applying to Finnish higher education

Finland offers lots of higher education opportunities for the foreign student.

Finnish higher education consists of two complementary sectors: universities and polytechnics (also known as universities of applied sciences, UAS). Universities promote research and provide academic higher education based on research, whereas polytechnics provide professional or ‘vocational’ higher education.

How to find suitable education

Extensive information about different education alternatives and study programmes is available in the portal www.studyinfo.fi. The portal contains details about all higher education options in Finland, both those that are taught in English and those that are taught in Finnish or Swedish.

Bachelor Degree Programmes taught in English in Lapland UAS

Joint application

A joint application round is arranged twice a year, in spring and autumn. The majority of all study programmes are included solely in the spring application round, while a lesser amount is offered in the autumn round.

The applicant may apply to up to 6 different study programmes, which should be arranged in order of priority. The applicant will be offered the highest ranked study option to which the application score qualifies him or her as a student.

Not all degree programmes are included in the joint application. In Lapland UAS there is a separate application procedure for the MBA-programme.

Please remember that in one academic term you can only accept one study place that is included in the joint application.

Application deadlines in joint application to higher education

7 January – 27 January 15:00
First application period – Mainly Bachelor’s degree programmes offered in English.

17 March–9 April 15:00
Second application period starts – Mainly higher education degree programmes offered in Finnish and Swedish

1 July
Student selection results will be published

15 July 15:00
Accepting a study place

September 2015
Studies Start

If you want to make changes to your application, please contact the higher education institution you are applying to. The request has to be made during the application period.

How to apply

Applying in the joint application:

1. Find suitable study options at www.studyinfo.fi
2. Collect different alternatives on the shortlist at Studyinfo
3. Fill in the application form online at www.studyinfo.fi during the application period.
4. Participate in the entrance examination
5. The education institution will notify you by mail of the admission results.

If admitted, accept the offered study place and enrol according to the instructions given by the school. If not, you can still expect to be admitted from a reserve position should your admission score be sufficient for a study place later. This is also the case if you are admitted to a lower-prioritized study place, and you want to wait for the possibility that a higher prioritized will be free. You can be admitted from a reserve position until the final results are announced.

Who can apply?

To be considered an eligible applicant to a particular degree programme, you need to fulfill certain requirements. The basic eligibility rules are as follows:

  • hold educational certificates that make you eligible to apply for higher education in your home country
  • fulfill the English language skill requirements as set by the receiving institution
  • successfully pass an entrance examination.

There may be other programme-specific requirements. Information about the eligibility requirements can be found in Studyinfo

You need to show your English proficiency in some official manner. The Finnish universities and polytechnics do not offer any "preparatory" English-language courses; you need to have the required English skills already at the time of applying. You can apply to degree programmes taught in Finnish or Swedish if you are reasonably fluent in either Finnish or Swedish at the time of applying.

Additional information


Admissions Office in Lapland University of Applied Sciences

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