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6.3.2017 13:00

Developers of metallic construction meet in Kemi

METNET-network brings together European R&D and training organizations in the field of metallic construction and industry. METNET meeting and workshop took place in Kemi, Finland March 15 -16.

The workshops were to develop new products and services to support innovative processes in companies. Lapland UAS hosted the annual meeting for the first time. Meetings and workshops have been organized every year since 2006.

Right now, Kemi town is rather an interesting place to meet in since the global interest has turned towards the Arctic region and it has become increasingly attractive to investors. New industrial investments also in Sea-Lapland require the latest knowledge on metallic construction.

Meeting started on Wednesday morning in Digipolis Technology Village with the welcoming word by the major of Kemi, Mr. Tero Nissinen. With his presentation, he gave a demonstrative presentation of Kemi’s present livelihood and future prospects in the fields of industry and tourism.

According to Mr. Rauno Toppila, the head of ASM research group in Lapland, METNET-network is precious to the UAS.

The network makes it possible to share latest knowledge and research results. Additionally, network works for personnel and student exchanges. For ASM group METNET is also an important channel to publish their research results internationally.

Not only steel construction but also material usability research, especially in the arctic conditions, is on ASM group’s focus. This reflects on the UAS’s way to educate future engineers, too.

Every autumn the METNET organizes an international conference. This year metallic construction specialists gather in Germany.

METNET-network is coordinated by HAMK University of applied sciences. Kemi meeting was supported by Ruukki Construction Oy.

Joined with its 32 degree programmes, Lapland University of Applied Sciences has 24 development environments and laboratories, where research and development is carried out in close cooperation with companies and other stakeholders.

Materials Usability research group’s expertise combined with equipment in Special Steel Studio provide research and development excellence especially for metal industry. Additionally several development environments, laboratories and research groups engage with industry related topics, including cold climate engineering (Arctic Power), software engineering laboratory (pLab), arctic civil engineering (ACE), laboratory of electronics and materials (ELMA), operations and maintenance research group, laboratory for optical measurement, and laboratories of electricity and automation.

Rauno Toppila, rauno.toppilasähköposti.jpg, 050 310 9542

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The major of Kemi Tero Nissinen

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The meeting was hosted by Rauno Toppila (LaplandUAS) and Lauri Tenhunen (HAMK)

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A quick meeting in the lobby. Ms. Katarzyna Rzeszut represents PUT University in Poland.

Metnet Vitalina.jpg

Ms Vitalina Iurchenko came to the meeting from Kiev University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukrain. In the meeting, there were participants from all together six European countries.

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