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27.6.2018 9:00

Campus Opening Hours and Support Services in Summer 2018

Summer and holidays cause changes to campus opening hours and availability of services.

Opening hours of Lapland UAS Campuses in summer:

- Jokiväylä is open Mon-Fri 7:30-15:00 until the end of July.
- MTI is closed until the end of July.

- Kosmos is closed on 21.6-31.7.

- Minerva is closed 22.6.-5.8.

Support services in the summer:

Restaurant Tekuila Rantavitika (Rovaniemi) closed 22.6.-31.7.
Restaurant Hilla (MTI, Rovaniemi) closed 22.6.-5.8.

Student Affairs Offices

Closed as follows:

- Social Affairs Office (Kosmos, Kemi) 1.-31.7.
- Technical Student Affairs Office (Kosmos, Kemi) 1.-31.7.
- School of Health Studies (Kemi) 25.6.-29.7.
- Rantavitiikka Unit (Rovaniemi) 2.7.-3.8.
- Minerva (Tornio) 2.7.-27.7.

When the study firms are closed, student certificates and study transcripts are obtained in the same way as SoleOPS's electronic affairs.

In urgent cases, you can contact e-mail opintosihteerit@lapinamk.fi

Applicant Services (Hakutoimisto)
Open Mon-Fri 9-15 at Rovaniemi for new students. The visit is from door C1.
At other times, contact by e-mail hakijapalvelut@lapinamk.fi.

International Offices
In Rovaniemi, the international office is closed 9.7.-22.7. Urgent matters can be related to international@lapinamk.fi.
In Kemi, the international office is closed 23.7.-3.8.

Student Union ROTKO offices

Rovaniemi office closed 11.6.-19.8.
The offices of Kemi and Tornio are closed from 4.6.-19.8.

Any changes can be checked on the ROTKO website.

When the office is closed in urgent matters you can contact the chairman of ROTKO's board Oona Löytänen (040 152 8500) or email (puheenjohtaja@lapinrotko.fi)

The service is not available in July.

Healthcare (for students)


Nina Kemilä will be able to meet in Kosmos until 8.6.2018 and again from 13.8.2018. During summer time there is no reception in student health care.

The brief pole of the Kemi Health Center (Kauppakatu 22) is open Mon-Thu 8.00-15.00 and Fri 8.00-14.00. There you can go without appointment when you do not need emergency care.

If necessary contact:
Sauvosaari Health Center, Kauppakatu 22, 94100 Kemi, tel. +358 (0) 16 259 705 (Mon-Sun from 8 to 15 and Fri 8-14)
In emergency cases, call for service: Kauppakatu 25, 94100 Kemi
- day care on weekdays from 8am to 6pm, tel. 016 259 750
- co-ordinating for other periods 040 149 1340
- Oral health: weekdays 8-15.30, 016 259 769

Check the webpage.

Open reception of the nurse without appointment and phone time from 4.6.-21.6.2018 on weekdays from 8.00 to 9.00.
Student health care closed 22.6.-31.7.

22.6 to 31.7. served by Tornio Health Center, Sairaalakatu 1.
· For Daycare with a turn number from 8 to 14.
· Emergency on-call time: 8-15.30 p. 016 432814

The student health care services will normally open from 1.8.2018 onwards.

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