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16.6.2021 15:00

Back to campuses – Lapland UAS’s corona guidelines for autumn 2021

At Lapland University of Applied Sciences, we are preparing for a safe return to campuses and contact teaching at the beginning of the autumn semester.

The premises of our operations are the protection of the health of students and staff, the progression of studies as planned and the smooth implementation of RDI activities.

In Lapland, the corona situation has been calm recently. By carefully following the guidelines, we have managed to avoid extensive exposures on Lapland UAS campuses, and by continuing to do so, we can ensure a safe return to campuses.

You should not come to campus if you are ill or have respiratory symptoms. All safety instructions must be followed on campus.

We will monitor the general corona situation and the guidelines set by the authorities and refine our guidelines in August.


The autumn semester will be started in accordance with the study programme implementation plans, also utilising contact teaching, if the corona situation allows it. If necessary, contact teaching will be prioritised to groups of first-year students starting their studies, students who started their studies in 2020, and studies requiring the use of campus learning environments (laboratory and simulation teaching).

The summer 2021 study modules are mainly implemented as online studies.

The study programmes will organise teaching in a safe manner so that the progress of studies, as well as teaching and guidance, are ensured. The study programmes will inform their students in more detail about their studies and exams. Students should actively follow their student emails as well as Peppi.

Students taking part in study related practical training will follow the instructions of the place of training.

Student services

In addition to remote services, student and teaching services are also provided on a limited basis on campuses. More precise service hours will be specified in August.


Staff will work both on campus and remotely as appropriate and necessary depending on the nature of their work assignments. The way in which working is implemented will be guided by the study programme implementation plans, the progress of the RDI activities and the smooth operation of services. Remote work will be agreed on with a supervisor.

RDI activities and stakeholders

The continuity of the RDI activities will be ensured. RDI activities utilising development environments will continue on campuses in accordance with safety guidelines.

Meetings, visits and events will continue to be primarily organised remotely.

Travel and international mobility

The necessity of all travel should continue to be carefully assessed. We also recommend you to read the authorities’ travel-related bulletins (e.g. formin.fi). Travel approvals will be done in accordance with the travel guidelines in force at the time.

We recommend that cross-border travel is limited to what is absolutely necessary for work, study or practical training.

Exchange studies, short-term mobility and practical training (incoming and outgoing) will be possible, if permitted by travel and entry regulations, in the spring of 2022 in accordance with official guidelines.