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3.1.2024 8:00

Application period for international Bachelor's and Master's programmes has started

The application period for the national spring 1st Joint application and Lapland University of Applied Sciences' own Direct application period is 3.1. - 17.1.2024 until 15:00. The applying is open for English-language Bachelor's and Master's programmes.

The following English-language Bachelor's programmes from Lapland University of Applied Sciences are included in the Spring 1st Joint application on 3 - 17.1.2024:

Bachelor of Business Administration, International Sustainable Business, Rovaniemi
Bachelor of Engineering, Machine Learning and Data Engineering, Rovaniemi
Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Tourism, Rovaniemi

and Master's programmes: 

Master programme in Digital Business Management 90 cr (online)
Master programme in Managing Sustainability and Systems Change 60 / 90 cr (Blended learning).

The joint application includes a common national entrance exam for all the degrees in the Spring 1st Joint application. For more information on the timetable and content of the entrance exam, please visit the international UAS Exam page.

The Master's programmes have their own entrance exam procedures, more information on which can be found on the website of the degree at www.studyinfo.fi.

The English-language degrees will start in autumn 2024, with a total of 88 places for the Bachelor's and 60 places for the Master's degrees. The application for all programmes is made through www.studyinfo.fi

Direct application

In parallel with the 1st Joint application in spring, there is also Direct application period from 3 to 17 January 2024 for the Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing from Kemi, which has own entrance exam.

Available later in spring 2024

The 2nd Joint spring application period will start on 13.3.2024, including Finnish-language Bachelor's and Master's degrees. The online application takes place at www.opintopolku.fi.


For more information on how to apply, see the Applying for Degree Programmes page in English.

For further information on how to apply, please contact Lapland UAS admissions services.

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