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5.5.2015 15:00

ARS± VER –Art Exhibition open

ARS± VER is the first joint art exhibition organized by the art students of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

The idea for the exhibition was born out of the art students’ desire to bring forth their own expertise and line of study in their own school, the city of Tornio, and the entire Finland.

The goal of the exhibition is to increase the visibility of the art degree in the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The goal of the exhibition is also to unify and introduce all the art students from different classes to each other.

The students have poured their creativity into their exhibition pieces freely without limits. The sources of inspiration have been things important to the students themselves.

The Latin words ARS and VER mean art and spring. “ARS”, art, conveys a positive cultural and visual message, while “VER”, spring, represents the fresh sprouts of art students growing in Tornio.

In the exhibition artworks will be presented by students from first grade to fourth. Adult students are also attending. The goal of the students’ is to form this springtime joint exhibition a yearly tradition.

The exhibition will be open in the lobby of the Minerva building (Kauppakatu 58, Tornio) of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences from 5 to 29 May. In addition to Tornio the exhibition can also be explored in a digital art gallery at www.katugalleria.fi/arsver

“We are coming now, bursting from the corners, growing out of norms and pushing up through the soil. We are here. ARS IN AETERNUM! ART FOREVER!”


Miia Katri Susanna
Juho Nevalainen
Rami Eronen
Matias Kukka
Ali Tabatabai-Irani
Simo Räsänen
Arli Tuominen
Henriikka Klint-Connelly
Paula Pasanen
Sini Nurmi
Samuli Rossi
Jalena Kankaansyrjä
Mira Kemppainen
Venla Kaasinen
Saara Savusalo
Maarit Lammela
Jonna Rantanen
Arttu Tuovinen
Heidi Luokkanen
Iines Jakovlev
Enni Eerika
Mari Kuosmanen
Pirjo Saarela
Paula Punto
Marianne Kammonen
Mari Serdijn

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