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8.12.2017 8:00

Students introduced their home countries and cultures at Multicultural Fair

First year International Business students organized an event at Rantavitikka campus’ lobby on Wednesday November 29th.

The main purpose of the event was to break cultural boundaries and teach students how to organize an event. Students also learned how to market the event through different marketing channels. You can see the Instagram account of the event here.

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At the same time in the Borealis auditorium several lectures were held for the nursing students from Rovaniemi and from Kemi. The entire event with lectures and the fair focused on orientating the first year nursing students to studying the multicultural Lapland region. Close to one hundred students participated in the lectures.

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At the Multicultural Fair, the international business students had different stands for different countries. Altogether eight countries and nationalities were showcasing their cultural highlights.

Thanh Trung Nguyen was introducing traditional Vietnamese dishes and stories behind them at the Vietnamese stand.
- The preparation of the event was fun and took us a month. Yesterday we were here to make everything ready for the event, says Thanh Trung Nguyen.

Students had also created a game called Tic-tac-toe. The game was meant to build team spirit and get the guests familiar with all the countries presented at the fair.

- Planning the Tic-tac-toe game was the best part of creating the event, says Nguyen Nhi.

Orsolya Tuba and Edwin Ross were presenting Hungary and the United States of America. At the stand, they told about the main attractions of their countries. Also some of the most popular dishes from both countries were presented at their stand.

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Tehy (The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland) provided mulled wine and gingerbread for all participants. Finnish Red Cross, Monicultural Center MoniNet and IRO had their own stands at the Fair.

Based on the feedback that was collected at the fair, the students think that planning and establishing such an event is meaningful to learning skills like teamwork and getting familiar with other students. Students also established a blog for the event. You can read it here.

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