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Getting the Best out of Regional Innovation Systems

 Kuvaus: At the moment the level of SME´s sensitivity towards the R&D-activities and -services is rather low. There is a lack of knowledge and financial resources. On the other hand the research and educational institutes are not fully capable to meet the business' research and training needs. Besides the lack of common language, there is also a lack of traditions for clustering and utilizing the potential expertise in the regional and inter-regional networks. Joining the forces between the regions we can promote the regional development of the key businesses and raise awareness of R&D for business development. By enhancing the knowledge and reducing the lack of experience of the triple helix cooperation model the grounds will also be set for more sufficient collaboration between actors and for improvement of the regional innovation system. All of the participating regions are challenged as to reaching the critical mass of resources. Alone each participating regions are a small players – geographically, demographically and/or economically. This is true in international level, but partially also in national level. The same applies to the regions’ SMEs; they are very small both nationally and even regionally. Regionally joining the forces, empowerment and raised level of awareness will have effects on development of RIS, which in its turn will contribute to mobilising the region’s critical mass. Combining competences from these Nordic regions with needs and interests that coincide in many sectors and at many levels will contribute significantly to reaching the goals set. The cases in GEBRIS are selected to reflect the various sectors of cold-climate related technology. The cases are: cold-climate road construction (Finland), arctic testing of cars (Sweden), development of safety equipment for cold conditions (Norway), tourism in cold regions (Iceland). ! The project forwards specifically the regional and interregional innovation system’s capability to respond to the needs of the cold climate related business sector.
 Aikataulu: 17.9.2007 - 28.2.2010
 Projektin tila: 4 Päättynyt
 Hallintokunta: Rovaniemen ammattikorkeakoulu
 Projektipäällikkö: Anita Narbro
 Kokonaiskustannukset: 436448
 Rahoitus: Muu