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Eneru, Efficient energy management in Barents region (2012-2014).

ENERU – project aims to strengthen cross border cooperation in energy management to increase business cooperation among South Kola region in Russia, Finnish Lapland and Norrbotten Sweden.

In ENERU – project current situation of energy management will be studied by doing energy efficiency audits in selected buildings in the cities of Kirovsk and Kandalakasha in Russia. Adjusted auditing method and action plan will be developed for the area according to the needs and to continue the work after the project. Action plan will be a practical tool for the Russian authorities how to implement energy management solutions. Number of trainings and study visits will be organised to increase knowledge of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

During the project a cross-border network will be established which will transfer knowledge, methodology and practical know how of efficient energy usage and renewable energy solutions in the region. Developed network will bring together local energy management companies, authorities, educational and research organizations to ensure mutual benefit for all participating regions and continuation of cooperation after the project.

Dissemination of the project activities and results will increase the public know-how about the energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy as well business possibilities in energy management.

As this project is building a ground for energy management network throughout the whole programme area, the final beneficiaries are the inhabitants of the region. In the long run, the project aims to increase the use of renewable energy in the region through the cross border cooperation.

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