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Hyvinvointipiste Vire

Hyvinvointipiste Vire is a multidisciplinary learning environment for the bachelor students of sport studies, physiotherapy and nursing. Students provide several kinds of sport and wellness services, supervised by their teachers and other specialists.

From Vire, you will get more energy into your everyday life. You can enjoy sports, feel better and get instructions for a healthier life.

For more information, feel free to contact us! You will find our contact details below.

Personal Fitness Coaching - PFC

PFC is personal coaching and a great opportunity to try new forms of exercise. We are eager to hear your wishes and make them true! The main goal of PFC is to improve your health and fitness.

PFC is for every levels of fitness. Your coach will plan all the exercises according to your personal needs. PFC includes 10 personal coaching sessions. You can also do your own sport profile (HUCO) which will determine your exercise style (if you want to challenge yourself or just go with the flow). You will get more information after being accepted to the course.

Personal Fitness Coaching is our most popular service at Vire!

Testing services

Vire offers several testing services to give you an idea of your physical condition. You will get a clear picture on your health and physics. We analyze the test results and advise you on e.g. how you could improve your shape. We can utilize e.g. InBody body composition measurement and other tools to measure your physical condition.

Collaboration with different actors

We also collaborate with different actors, such as enterprises and businesses, organizations and associations. We can create events or other occasions according to your needs in the fields of sports and wellness. Just contact us by email and we can set up the details.

Contact us
Physiotherapy and Nursing

Mira Väyrynen, coordinator

tel +358 40 353 7524

e-mail: vire@lapinamk.fi


Elli Maunuksela ja Salla-Reetta Pätäri

Tel +358 40 6741 306

e-mail: vire@lapinamk.fi


We prefer e-mail communication. By phone, you can call us between 8 am and 4 pm.