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Good Practices in Reindeer Slaughtering – Slaughtering at a Slaughterhouse

  Karoliina Majuri & Kirsi Muuttoranta
  Opetus ja oppiminen 3/2021 • 54 s. • Sähköinen 
  ISBN 978-952-316-394-2 (pdf)
  Hinta: Ilmainen
  Publications pdf-file
  ‘Good Practices in Reindeer Slaughtering’ is a guideline containing key instructions related to reindeer slaughtering.

Besides legislation, the material is based on the material and Tunne poro book by Veterinarian, Adjunct Professor Sauli Laaksonen. These have been complemented with the help of audit visits of the Porukkaoppi - porotalouden porukalle lisäoppia -project to reindeer slaughterhouses in 2017–2019. The aim of this project funded by the European Social Fund was to prepare educational material regarding reindeer slaughtering.

The guide has been written for the operators and operating environments of slaughterhouses owned by reindeer herding cooperatives and reindeer herders.

The original guide (in Finnish) has been distributed as a supplement of the Poromies magazine in the 4/2019 issue and as an independent edition. The English version is published online in Lapland University of Applied Sciences series. It is a part of teaching material in a project named RenResurs (Resurspool för entreprenörskap inom rennäringen med binäringar: Kvalitet i slakt och styckning), funded by Interreg Nord, Region Norrbotten and The Regional Council of Lapland.