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Railway Operations, Maintenance and Repair Practices in Northern Finland –
Turnout as a Critical Asset

  Leena Parkkila, Piia Ailinpieti & Marko Lehtosaari
  Tekniikka ja teollisuus 8/2020 • 44 s. • Sähköinen 
  ISBN 978-952-316-352-2
  Hinta: Free of charges
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  This publication relates to the Lapland University of Applied Sciences Operation and Maintenance research group project “KO 2011 Arctic Railway Infrastructure in Kolarctic II - ARINKA”. Project will be carried out during time period of 15.10.2018–31.10.2021. Project total budget is about 1,7 M€. The main objective of the ARINKA II project is to increase railway capacity in Kolarctic region and to contribute to making railway network, operations and maintenance smarter, more sustainable and climate-proof.

This publication is part of the work package 4: Railway Operations, Maintenance and Repair Practices. Report provides an overview of railway operations, maintenance and repair practices in northern Finland and description of a turnout as a critical asset.

The ARINKA project is financed through the Kolarctic CBC Programme 2014-2020 with co-funding by the Finnish and Russian State, County of Nordland in Norway and Region Norrbotten in Sweden.

Project partners are SINTEF Narvik, Luleå University of Technology, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Emperor Alexander I, St. Petersburg State Transport University, Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Bane NOR, Trafikverket, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and October Railway.