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Multidisciplinary Approach to Develop Energy Efficiency in the Barents Region

  Milla Hirvaskari & Irina Gerashchenko (ed.)
  Tekniikka ja teollisuus 12/2015 • 92s. • Nidottu, Sähköinen 
  ISBN ISBN 978-952-316-090-3 (Stitched) • ISBN 978-952-316-091-0 (PDF)
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  This publication is an outcome of the cross-border project ENERU – Efficient Energy Management in the Barents Region, funded by the Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme and Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten. The project was implemented by the multidisplinary consortium of organisations involved in the field of energy management in Finnish Lapland, Norrbotten, Sweden and the South Kola region in Russia. The primary goal of the project was to strengthen cross-border co-operation in the energy management sector and particularly to increase business co-operation in the Barents region.

The purpose of this publication is to raise the awareness about the current situation and development prospects in the energy efficiency sector in the Barents region. The publication recaps the main results and findings of the ENERU project.

It includes summaries of market surveys from the partner countries, measurement trip reports, and reports on renewable energy potential in the target region. The publication comprises articles by project experts on current and future co-operation possibilities in the field of energy efficiency.

ENERU publication provides useful information for the broad range of stakeholders - experts, professionals, businesses, public authorities - all those involved in the field of energy efficiency on the daily basis. The presented materials give stakeholders useful ideas and prospects for the future cross-border cooperation in the field.