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My first reindeer used for tourism – information and guidelines for the purchase decision

  Veikko Maijala & Karoliina Majuri
  Matkailu, ruoka ja luonto 10/2018 • 32 s. • Nidottu, Sähköinen 
  ISBN 978-952-316-264-8 (Stiched) • 978-952-316-265-5 (pdf)
  Hinta: Free of charge
  This guide has been produced to ensure the well-being of reindeer and their handlers. The guide provides basic information about reindeer as a species, their care and where to find more information. The guide helps identify relevant factors when considering purchasing reindeer.

The guide has been produced as a part of the “Animal Welfare in Tourism Services” -project (2016–2018). The project was funded by the Lapland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment/European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, and carried out by the Multidimensional Tourism Institute (Lapland UAS and University of Lapland) along with the School of Industry and Natural Resources of Lapland UAS. The materials produced are freely available on the project website at
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