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Come and find your Northern Factor!

The International Week of Lapland UAS will take place from 24 to 28 February 2020.

By participating in our International Week, you´ll have opportunity to meet colleagues from around the globe. Network, teach and plan future in the Nordic atmosphere. In addition, during the International Week you can experience the nature of the cold but beautiful winter in Lapland.

The registration for the Lapland UAS´ International Week 2020 of is now closed.

Please see the detailed programme in



The detailed programme will be announced closer to the International week. 

Monday 24.2.

  • Travelling

Tuesday 25.2 Find your Northern Factor in Kemi and Tornio!

  • Rovaniemi and Tornio visitors visit to Kemi campus. The journey starts in the morning from Rovaniemi and the bus will pick up Tornio visitors from Tornio campus. Rovaniemi and Tornio visitors: Sightseeing Rajalla on Tornio and Haparanda border.
  • In Kemi teaching or other program in the morning.
  • The rest of the day common programme for everyone in Kemi campus.
  • Visit to SnowCastle Kemi.

Wednesday 26.2. Find your Northern factor!

  • Special event in each campus in the morning (Kemi, Tornio or Rovaniemi)
  • International Fairs or presentations of your home university in each campus: possibility to market your home institution. Take marketing material with you.
  • Teaching or special programme for the other staff in the afternoon.
  • Welcome dinner in each city.

 Thursday 27.2. Find your Northern factor in Rovaniemi! 

  • Kemi and Tornio visitors visit to Rovaniemi campus. The journey starts in the morning from Kemi. During the journey Kemi visitors: Sightseeing Rajalla on to Tornio and Haparanda border. The bus will pick up Tornio visitors from Tornio campus. 
  • In Rovaniemi teaching or other programme in the morning. 
  • The rest of the day common programme for everyone in Rovaniemi campus.
  • Get together lunch and coffee.
  • Visit to Santa Claus Village and meeting with the Santa Claus.

Friday 28.2.

  • Travelling

To experience the arctic winter comfortably, remember to take warm winter clothes with you! Typical temperature in February is -15 celcius. But the temperature can be even colder!

The programme includes also individual meetings with colleagues, meeting your outgoing students in Lapland UAS and prospective Incoming students from Lapland UAS to your institution but also discuss cooperation and agreements.

There can be some changes in the program.




Explore three campus towns

In addition to the official programme, you can explore our campus towns Kemi, Rovaniemi and Tornio. Experience with us local life and interesting attractions. All three town has their own unique attractions because of their special locations.



Lapland material-bank, Rayann Elzein.


Kemi is situated in Sea Lapland, in the centre of the Bothnian Arc. Kemi is the place where you can experience the arctic Sea Lapland. The compact city structure and situation of the town close to the nature give you possibility to experience local life and nature easily. Visit SnowCastle or find yourself from the Cruise Iceberaker Sampo.

Rovaniemi is located in the Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi is the combination of the town services and Lappish nature. Ounasvaara hill is located so near to the city center that you can easily walk to the forest from your hotel and you´ll find yourself in the magic winter forest. Of course during your Rovaniemi visit Santa Claus is in the Santa Claus village waiting to see you and in the same place you can cross the Arctic Circle.

Tornio is international border town. It is the twin city together with Swedish city Haparanda. The place is the mixture of art and history. In winter Tornio is full of possibilities to experience the winter activities. The town is located next to the Tornio river which is the biggest free-flowing river in Europe. So why not to go for an ice fishing or challenge yourself and try the ice swimming. And of course you have to try Finnish everyday life by visiting sauna.


Lapin materiaalipankki

Lapland material-bank.


In winter, Lapland gives you many possibilities to do activities that you may not do or see at home, like ice swimming or experience the northern lights. So take part in our arctic life and make the registration soon.

Before your visit to Lapland, go and visit Lapland virtually and listen to the sound of Lapland from here.

The registration

The registration for the Lapland UAS´ International Week 2020 of is now closed. The detailed program will be sent later for all the participants.

The International week program includes visits to Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi towns.

The registration for the International Week 2020 was closed 30th November.



Lapland material-bank, Markus Kiili.


For further information, please contact International Services internationalLapin AMK sähköposti

Teachers and other staff (for example library staff, IRO-staff ) are welcomed to our International Week!

The registration is free for our partners (Erasmus+partners and partners with we have a bilateral agreement and Lapland UAS´s current running project´s partners). For others guests we will keep the registration fee of 300 € (includes campus tours, welcome dinner and get together lunch and coffee). 


Data protection has been taking into account in the registration. More information about data protection in Lapland UAS from here.

Arrival and accommodation

The winter is high tourism season in Lapland, so book your flight and accommodation early.

For Rovaniemi campus visit we recommend that you take a connection flight from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Rovaniemi airport.

For Tornio or Kemi campus visit we recommend that you to take a connection flight from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Kemi-Tornio airport.

In addition, to Kemi and Rovaniemi campuses you can travel in comfort by night trains. The train connection is from Helsinki to Kemi and Rovaniemi. More information here.

If you need help choosing a hotel in the campus city you have chosen, do not hesitate to contact us.

For Rovaniemi guests, we have reserved a quota of rooms from Santa's Hotel Rudolf. The quota is 20 rooms and it is valid until 15 December, so book your room early! Reservations for the rooms by e-mail: info.rovaniemi@santashotels.fi or by phone: +358 (0)16 321 321. In the reservation, mention the code: Lapin AMK. We will inform the participants of the International Week for the hotel. Prices are 80 €/single room/night, 100 €/twin room/night, 130 €/triple room/night. Buffet breakfast and check-in are available at Hotel Santa Claus, only 600 meters away. More information about Santa´s Hotel Rudolf here.

 Check also available Airbnb and cottage options.

Lapland UAS
Lapland University of Applied Sciences is the northernmost UAS in Finland and in the EU focusing on higher education and research, development and innovations.

Success in Arctic conditions and utilising the conditions are at the core. More information here.

Lapland UAS

Kemi, Rovaniemi and Tornio

Find out more information about our campus towns:


Rovaniemi: https://international.rovaniemi.fi/en