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Tuesday, 14 March

8.45–9.15 Coffee

Presentation by the children of Kivikko Day Care Center

9.15–9.30 Welcome!
Outi Hyry-Honka, Director of Social Services, Health and Sports

9.30–10.40 Philip Anderson, Professor, The University of Applied Sciences Regensburg: ”Asylum and Refugees – viewed from a German perspective”

10.40–11.30 Teija Kanto, Vice-manager of Reception Centre: “The Reception Center of Kemi”

11.30–12.15 Lunch break

12.15 Visits:

12.30 Kivikko, Day Care Center
14.00–15.00 Leipätehdas, Activity Centre for Persons with Develomental and Intellectual Disabilities
16.30 Kemi SnowCastle

Wednesday, 15 March

8.30–9 Coffee and a Dance performance

9–10.30 Rauna Rahko-Ravantti, University Lecturer, University of Lapland: ”Sámi language and culture as a key concepts for well-being”

10.30 Uchenna Unanka, Social Instructor, City of Kemi: “International students – challenges and rewards OR immigrants new arrivals” and
Voitto Kuosmanen, Senior Lecturer, Lapland University of Applied Scineces: “In the beginning there were no borders – How to bridge/root oneself to relations on totally artificial culture from philosophical and socialpedagogical perspectives.”

11.30–12.15 Lunch break

12.15 Campus tour:

12.15-12.45 Visit in Library
12.30-14 Movie: Boiling Point (in Auditorium)
12.45-14 Workshops and Refugee tent
14-15 Visit in International Office
16-18 Winter Activities on the frozen sea, gathering in front of Gemstone

Thursday, 16 March

8.30–9 Coffee and a Dance performance

9–10.30 Yeasmin Nafisa, Researcher, University of Lapland: "Multicultural Society: Utopia or Dystopia"

10.30–11.30 Erik Vreven, Lecturer, University of PXL, Belgium: ”Outreach work is more than a method, it is the basic attitude of a social worker. Outreach in Belgium”

11.30–12 Vera Filipova & Martina Fáberová, Lecturers: ”University of South Bohemia – Chech Republic”

12–13 Lunch break

13–15 Campus tour:

Refugee tent
Training circle presentation
Workshops by students

19.00 Dinner at Kosmos, Restaurant Pränni

Friday, 17 March

Thank you for staying with us - Have a safe and nice trip home!