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International days 13. - 17.3.2017

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Welcome to the very unique border in Finnish Lapland!


We are happy to invite academic staff in the fields of social work/social services/social care and library staff to join in the International Days with the theme ”By the Borders” arranged in Kemi by the Degree Programme in Social Services at Lapland University of Applied Sciences on 13 – 17 March, 2017.

With the theme “Rajoilla - By the Borders” we wish to call attention to the boundaries between people and groups of people and to raise discourse on how to lower and eradicate these unnecessary dividing lines.

We can see the safe structures of the welfare state being demolished. Work and subsistence are getting more and more uncertain. The flow of people from the crisis areas has aggravated the need to solve the challenges of a multicultural society.

Changes in the structures and values of the society cause insecurity, uncertainty and – at the worst – social exclusion and marginalization. At the same time the policy that the society should be arranged on the basis of the choices of the individuals is growing stronger. These developments are cut out to create boundaries between people and groups of people.

What is happening in the society, culture and way of thinking? What can be done to encourage people to climb fences and pull down walls instead of building them? Can we stop the strengthening of the kind of development that deepens the gaps between people?

We are inviting you to our International Days to consider these questions together.

#ByTheBorders #LapinAMK / #LaplandUAS
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Kaisu Vinkki, Ms
M. Soc. Sc.
Senior Lecturer, International Coordinator

Lapland UAS
School of Social Services, Health and Sports
Tietokatu 1, PL 504, FI-94101, Kemi
tel. +358 (0)503109362