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The Northern parts of the World Heritage Struve Geodetic Arc

International meeting about Struve Geodetic Arc in Tornio, having presentations from Sweden, Finland and Norway and workshop sessions for developing also your ideas further in the joint project.

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Did you know that the UNESCO World Heritage Struve Geodetic Arc is practically part of our daily lives in many ways, in ten countries, crossing borders?

The Struve Geodetic Arc Expedition can be considered grandfather of GPS, and son of Maupertuis’ expedition. Invisible measurement lines cross many places, measurement points being visited occasionally. However, people only seem to know a little of this historical and scientific gem, surrounded by our Northern nature, unchained Torne River and many local specialities and stories. Measurement locations can be physically challenging and seasons matter, too.
We want to make it easier to understand this unique world heritage and different ways how to use it as an asset in our regional development in Finland, Sweden and Norway.During the two days, we have expert speakers telling about their experiences related to cultural heritage and world heritage in different activities. We hear about development of Struve Geodetic Arc points and related products and services. We are also having short work sessions of different topics.

Join us in Tornio 26th – 27th June 2019 for a development and planning seminar and workshop!
Register in the event here: https://forms.gle/jssJv7AEiRNMzksRA

If you cannot participate, you are also welcome to...


Final Programme and venues will be published before the event.


Date and time:
26.7.2019 9:45–27.7.2019 16:30
Post address:
Zip code and city:
Tornio, Finland
Lapland UAS 
maksuton / free 
Contact person
Eila Seppänen eila.seppanen@lapinamk.fi +358405022413
Event webpage:


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