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Take Care! - Students Welfare Event

Enthusiasm to study and happiness to your life! The student welfare event offers the joy of learning as well as lots of information! The Take Care! - welfare event introduces the student's services and also offers various experiences to all students.

Opiskelijoiden hyvinvointitapahtuman kuva

Join the Take Care! Students Welfare Event! Topics of the day include for example: how to keep your brain and mind fit? how to remember to take breaks? what can you do during a short break? how to distinguish between study and leisure? how to overcome polar night?  how can nature help mental health? and much more!

The event will be partially implemented both on campus and online. The keynote speaker at the event will be explorer Patrick "Pata" Degerman. In addition to our students, representatives of various stakeholders are also present, e.g. FSHS, Tornio parish, VAMOS and many others! In addition, Hyvinvointipysäkki in Kemi and Hyvinvointipteekki Vire in Rovaniemi offer students many services.


NOTE! Changes to the programme are possible.

At 12.00 Opening of the event

At 12.05 The Explorer Patrick "Pata" Degerman keynote speech Mental opening to new ways of thinking and acting / Antarktis -93 C  Speech will be streamed online. The link to the stream will be published here later! You can watch the stream on campus: in Borealis Rovaniemi, in auditorioum Kemi and in Liikehuone Tornio. 

Patrick “Pata” Degerman is the only professional explorer in Finland and is especially known for his speeches on the importance of motivation, community and attitude. Pata has designed and led several expeditions that have taken the man to the very cold conditions in the polar regions, the deepest jungles in the world.

Discoveries and projects from different organizations can be compared in many ways. Unknown things are often encountered, which means that new ways of working, teamwork and creative thinking are needed to achieve the goal. Through concrete and personal, as well as fun-told and wonderfully illustrated examples, Pata gives listeners insights into different ways of action and thinking.

The speech and stories are colorful, captivating and considerate of the situation of the target group. Pata’s relaxed and inspiring style lifts the team spirit and helps you realize the value of each member on their way to a common goal. The absolute strength of Pata is the ability to combine his experience with the everyday life of the listeners.

 Patrick Degermanin kuva


13.05 - 15.30 Hyvinvointipysäkki (KEMI) and Hyvinvointiapteekki Vire (ROVANIEMI) participate in the event

Klo 13.15 - 13.35 How to use your senses for your wellbeing. / Tommi Haapakangas. Online

Klo 13.40 - 15.40 Workshops Rovaniemi, Kemi ja Tornio:

Sensory walk 30 min. Guided sensory walking explores the elements of nature with all the senses. Nature calms the mind and opens your senses. During the walk, we observe the environment together, stop and discuss e.g. of what we see, hear and feel. Students guide you. In Kemi the departure is from the main door. In Tornio departure is from the Minerva Library and in Rovaniemi the departure is from the main door (A building). Streamed online. 

Hotspot Rovaniemi Take your own place, time and peace in nature with this exercise. It’s time to focus on your own existence for a moment and get to know yourself by making observations about the environment at your own Hotspot. We start together in front of the main door of the Jokiväylä campus (Building A). Participation on campus only.

Multisensory room Kemi. Experience a relaxing and enjoyable sensory experience in the middle of the school day in the sensory room. Your senses will be stimulated in a pleasant and peaceful environment. Starts at 13.45, 14, 14.15, 14.30, 14.45 and 15.00. Participation on campus only. 

 How to design a sensory sensitive workspace 30 min. Come to listen and learn about a sensory-friendly workspace. You will learn how this kind of space affects your work and how you can find / implement a sensory-friendly workspace yourself.Streamed online. 

13.05 - 15.30 Get to know the activities of the stakeholders!
On site e.g.
FSHS (Kemi and Rovaniemi) See the FSHS video here!
Tornio Parish (Tornio)
VAMOS (Rovaniemi)
NYYTI ry (Rovaniemi)
VAHTO (Rovaniemi)
Rovaniemi etsivä nuorisotyö (Rovaniemi). 




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22.9.2021 12:00–16:00
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