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Our Inner Selves

3D Art Exhibition

Our Inner Selves is a 3D Art Exhibition created by the second year art students of Lapland University of Applied Sciences; the exhibition reveals what our inner characters might look like.

How do we see ourselves? What do we bring forth for others to observe? What do we hide from others?

These are the questions everyone wonders about yet you are the only one who knows what you truly feel. Often feelings aren’t straightforward nor easily interpreted. Now art students have done their best to bring out their inner selves and showcase them to the public.

Our Inner Selves exhibition opens on 7 December 2023 at 14.00. The exhibition is viewable at The Arctic Comics Centre in Kemi. And later in Kemi Campus (Kosmos, Tietokatu 1) as the exhibition moves there 18 January 2024.

Visit online on https://sisaisetminamme.wixsite.com/sisaiset-minamme

Credits for the poster @raioncreatedigi

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7.12.2023 14:00–31.1.2024 19:00
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