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3rd Workshop of Capacity Building for Black Carbon mitigation efforts (CB4BC)

There is a need for a common direction for countries and organizations to reduce black carbon emissions in the Arctic while paying attention to climate change and human health.

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Topic: Workshop Welcome Note

Presenter: Prof. Rajnish Kaur Calay from UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Timing: 13:00 to 13:10

Topic: Reducing emissions of SLCF in Norway

Presenter: Christine Maass/Vigdis Vestreng from Norwegian Environmental Agency
Timing: 13:10 to 13:30

Topic: Post Euro 6/VI regulations in the EU. Benefits and problems for the North

Presenter: Sigve J. Aasebø from Statens vegvesen Norway
Timing: 13:30 to 13:50

Topic: Alternative fuels infrastructure directive (AFID) – The EU directive contributes to less exhaust emission

Presenter: Karl Idar Gjerstad  from Statens vegvesen Norway
Timing: 13:50 to 14:10

Topic: How hydrogen will contribute to reduce BC and what shall be done towards existing users of fossil fuels?

Presenter: Tor-Erik Hoftun/Stian AakreTECO 2030 ASA Norway
Timing: 14:10 to 14:30

5 mins Stretching Break

Panel Discussions

Timing: 14:35 to 14:55
Moderator: Prof. Leif-Gunnar Hannssen from UiT The Arctic University of Norway


Vidgis Vestreng
Senior advisor, Norwegian Environmental Directorate

Benz Regine
Senior advisor, Norwegian Road Maintenance Agency

Tor-Erik Hoftun
Vice President Operations, TECO 2030 ASA

Vladimir Masloboev
Senior advisor Kola Science Center

Jari Vilén
Ambassador, Barents and Northern Dimension

Panel Topics:
i. Do you see any technology bottle-necks to minimize black carbon in the Arctic Region in the next 5 to 10 years?

ii. Do you think we need black carbon footprint likewise carbon foot print in Arctic Policy Making?

iii. How can we overcome socio-economic and socio-technical challenges related to electrical heating furnaces, hydrogen power system, electric cars, and other black carbon emitters?

Black Carbon Roadmap Final Remarks at 14:55

Workshop Closing at 15:00hrs

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22.9.2021 13:00–15:00
Microsoft Teams
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