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Sustainability anD ciruclar economy in Lapland UAS

As part of its sustainable development activities, Lapland UAS is committed to promoting the bio and circular economy through its activities.

The circular economy has emerged as a global megatrend affecting both public and private sector activities. The aim is to promote the efficient use of materials and energy, as well as the utilization of renewable raw materials and to minimize waste and losses.

In addition to the recycling of materials, planning also effects on the production of raw materials, the processing of materials, the manufacture of products, and distribution. A key role in the circular economy is to add value to products through services and new business models.

At Lapland UAS, the bio- and circular economy is integrated into both education and RDI activities in almost all areas of the organisation's competence. In the future, all students graduating from Lapland UAS will have knowledge of bio- and circular economy as a part of their field of study. In RDI activities, the bio and circular economy, resource wisdom, and the promotion of low carbon will be further strengthened.

The Lapland UAS's RDI projects will also be increasingly linked to the bio- and circular economy, and the promotion of sustainability.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is involved in the activities of the Circular and Bioeconomy Centre together with the City of Kemi and Kemi Digipolis Oy.


Specialist in Bioeconomy and Circular Economy

D. Phil. Sanna Tyni
Tel. +358 40 674 7964
sanna.tyniLapin AMK sähköposti harmaa

Coordinator, Sustainable Development activities

Katri Hendriksson
Tel. +358 44 4780284
katri.hendrikssonLapin AMK sähköposti harmaa